META-REP: A Meta-scientific Programme to Analyse and Optimise Replicability in the Behavioural, Social, and Cognitive Sciences (SPP 2317)

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Coordination & Program Committee

Dr. Johannes Prager, M.Sc.

Coordination Project

+49 (0) 89/2180-5182

A large-scale collaborative assessment of the replicability and robustness of EEG research

Prof. Dr. Niko Busch

Principal Investigator

+49 (0) 251/83 34159

Dr. Yuri Pavlov

Principal Investigator

Cognitive modelling: Blessing or curse for replication in Psychology?

Dr. Manuel Rausch

Principal Investigator

Prof. Dr. Michael Zehetleitner

Principal Investigator

+49 8421 93-21513

Conceptual Replications - Guidelines for implementation and factors influencing replicability across different fields in psychology

Prof. Dr. Anne Gast

Co-Principal Investigator


Prof. Dr. Steffi Pohl

Co-Principal Investigator

+49 30 838 62 926

Dr. Marie-Ann Sengewald

Principal Investigator

Dr. Mathias Twardawski

Co-Principal Investigator

+49 (0) 89/2180-3214

Enhancing the Robustness of Observational Social Science Research by Computational Multi-Model Analyses

Prof. Dr. Katrin Auspurg

Principal Investigator

+49 (0) 89 2180-5938

Dr. Andreas Schneck

Principal Investigator

Explaining Heterogeneity in Direct Replications: Just Methodological Artefacts?

Prof. Dr. Moritz Heene

Principal Investigator

+49 (0) 89 / 2180 - 72514

Dr. Frank Renkewitz

Principal Investigator

How an academic system can achieve a trustworthy knowledge base: Analyzing reform proposals in an agent-based modeling approach

Prof. Dr. Richard McElreath

Co-Principal Investigator

+49 341 3550 301

Prof. Dr. Felix Schönbrodt

Principal Investigator

+49 (0) 89 / 2180 - 5050

METEOR – MastEring ThE OppRessive number of forking paths unfolded by noisy and complex neural data

Prof. Dr. Stefan Debener

Principal Investigator

+49 (0)441 - 798-4271

Dr. Carsten Gießing

Principal Investigator

+49-(0) 441 798 3866

Prof. Dr. Andrea Hildebrandt

Principal Investigator

+49 (0)441 798-4629

Replicability and Robustness of Instrumental Variables and Randomized Controlled Trials in Economics

Prof. Dr. Jörg Peters

Principal Investigator

+49 (201) 8149-247

Replicating Failed Replications: A Validity-based Framework for Predicting Replication Success

Dr. Marc Jekel

Principal Investigator


Standardization of Behavior Research Methods as a Determinant of Replicability

Dr. Ruben Arslan

Principal Investigator

The reproducibility and robustness of secondary analyses in educational research: The role of publication bias and researcher degress of freedom

Dr. Malte Jansen

Principal Investigator

+49 30 2093.46525

Dr. Aleksander Kocaj

Principal Investigator

+49 30 2093.46507

The role of measurement in the replicability of empirical findings

Prof. Dr. Eunike Wetzel

Principal Investigator

+49 6341 280-31495

The Role of Theory in Understanding and Resolving the Reliability Crisis

Towards a Falsifiable Framework for Theories in Psychological Science

What Defines and Affects Replicability in Computational Communication Science?

Dr. Johannes Breuer

Principal Investigator

+49 (0221) 47694-471

Prof. Dr. Mario Haim

Principal Investigator